The numbers of visitors coming to Cancun gradually increasing

It is the job of Cancun Convention and Visitors Bureau to calculate and analyze the number of visitors reaching this tourist destination every year. The number in the year of 2014 has dramatically increased by 7.5%, which is very impressive.
Particularly, there are 4,013,002 turns of tourists arriving at the international airport of this city. That number in 2013 is just 3,728,247.

After analyzed, it is clearly seen that each month in 2014 has the increase in the total of tourists. April and November were two months with the greatest rise in global travelers. The growth rate of April was 23% (comparing the number in April 2014 with the number in April 2013), and November was 19%.

Both the statistics in domestic and global traveler numbers to this city saw the increase. The total amount of international tourists reaching Cancun was recorded as 2,620,914 in 2014, resulting in the 8% of growth rate compared to that in 2013. The number of tourists from European to Cancun in 2014 was approximately 2,620,914, slightly increase compared with the number of the previous year. The amount of UK tourist is also considerable with 93,049 turns of tourists coming to Cancun in 2014.

One of the reason why the number of UK tourists dramatically rose in this year is because of the newly airline from Cancun to Virgin Atlantic as well as the direct airline from London Gatwick provided by British Airways. There are up to three direct flights offered by British Airway each week, while tourists from Virgin Atlantic has two options of weekly direct flights.

Thomas Cook and Thomson also expand their regional range of service to Cancun, which has an impact on the increasing number of visitors to this tourist city.

However, the CVB believed that the reason which leads to the surge in the amount of travelers is the over-establishment of new hotels and tourist spots, as well as the convenience in transportation to this city.

In 2014, CVB has cooperate with its partners in the UK so as to bring its cultural products on social media.

The tourism sector of Cancun is believed to develop more in the year of 2015, thanks to the expansion in shopping and spa complexion as well as the art exhibitions.