Telephone in Thailand

There is some information about telephone that passengers should know before getting to Thailand. The country code is 66. The area code is slightly different between calling from inside and outside the country. When making a local phone call, the area code begins with “0”, but calling outside the country, just drop the “0” from the area code. The area codes needs to be dialed before the phone numbers. For example, the area code of Bangkok is “02”, then you dial “02” before any phone call to Bangkok you make.

Assistance numbers is also essential for passengers to get for help in Thailand. The assistance numbers for international phone calls are 100/233 2771. For local phone calls, the numbers are 100/183 (in Thai language) or 1133 (in English language).

There are two switchboards in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, where you can make direct international phone calls. Or else, you can simply make a call from your own phone, or at central post offices in all towns.

Passengers can easily find the overseas telephone center on Charoenkrung Road, right next to the GPO. This telephone center is opened all day long for the urgent demands. Travelers can also make international phone calls in several shops in the tourist centers. If you wish to call abroad, dial 001, then followed by the country code, area code and phone number.

Passengers can use public telephones to make a phone call, but remembers that they only accept 1, 5 and 10-baht coin. Another point that you should not forget is dial the area code (with ‘0’) before the number. Throughout Bangkok, there are several AT&T USA Direct phone boxes, where you can find the number to reach an AT&T operator.

You can make a phone call (both local and international calls) from any kinds of phones by using pin phone cards. There are 108 Pin Phone cards, which are divided into three types. They cost 100, 300 and 500 baht respectively. Passengers can buy them with ease at Seven Eleven or huge convenient stores all around Thailand.