Suvarnabhumi Airport

It is obvious to say that Bangkok is the city of transportation. There is not only a huge amount of vehicles, but there are also two enormous airports, one of which is Savarnabhumi Airport.

This airport is considered a fairly large place, which covers an area of approximately 8,000 acres. This is an international airport in Samut Prakan Province nearby the downtown of Bangkok. Moreover, people can easily access to the Passenger Terminal complex through five routes as described below:

  • From the North, it is able to access through the motorway. The uplifted facade of the terminal splits into the inside and outside sections of all kinds of halls: arrival and departure.
  • From Northwest, it is comfortable to travel onto the exalted highway called Rom Klao, as well as Wat King and Kaew Road. These ways will lead the travelers through the free zone before reaching the terminal.
  • From the South, passengers are able to travel via the highway called Bang Na-Trat as well as the service road crossing the parking area and the center of public transportation before reaching the terminal.
  • From the Northeast, Lad Kra Bung, also known as Onnuj Road, is believed to be the major route to travel from the Northeast side toward the terminal. After Lad Kra Bung, passengers also need passing the parking area and the center of public transportation before reaching the terminal.
  • From the West, Wat King Kaew Road is the main way to access.

In the terminal complex, there are three uplifted facades on the first, second and fourth floor. They are splits into the inside and outside sections. The special point of this area is that public transportation are not allowed to park.
For the passengers arrive at the airport, there are many ways of transportation, such as limousine, taxi, airport bus or even renting a car. The center of public transportation in the airport is fairly large, cover an area of about 42,000 square meters, next to Bangkok Catering Co. Ltd. and LSG Sky Chefs. The main use of the center of public transportation is for the vehicles to park. The terminal of bus system is located among the public transportation center, petrol stations as well as the retail stores.
There are several types of regular vehicles as listed below:


  • Car Park
  • BMTA Public Bus and Luxury Van
  • Airport Bus Express
  • Intercity Bus
  • Airport Shuttle Bus (All-time Service)
  • Public Transportation center
  • AOT Limousine (All-time Service)
  • Public Taxi (All-time Service)
  • Car Rental (All-time Service)