Significant convention in Dubai

Dubai Tourism has been taken place in order to strengthen the status of the city in global scale. Up to a hundred of essential convention organizers as well as business pressmen from European countries were honorably invited to this event.

The initial part of the event is familiarization tour, which has been held by Dubai Business Events. It is one of the office of Dubai Tourism which is aiming to introduce the convention holding capability.

The reason why there are a lot of important decision-makers and pressmen invited to the event is because the city would like to promote its event hosting engagement. The eventual result that the city targets is to have the increasing number of travelers and business conventions taken place in Dubai each year.

The guests have participated in the convention for three days, in which they had an inner-city tour to several top-level hotels as well as meeting venues in the city.

They have also had a chance to meet and discuss with many tourism stakeholders, experience entertainment activities, seeing the whole city from above, as well as visiting some famous tourist destinations in Dubai such as The palace hotel, Burj Khalifa, or Dubai Mall.

Mr. Steen Jakobsen, who is the general director of Dubai Business Event has commented that Dubai is the city with great range of infrastructure and service. It is fairly suitable to hold events and conventions.

The city vision is to develop the tourism sector of the country so that in 2020, Dubai will have up to 20 million of visitors turn per year, twice as much as that number in 2012. in order to achieve that, the city must increase both the number of leisure visitors and the number of business visitors.

After the events, most guests give positive feedbacks about the time that participate in the convention. They believe that the number of international tourism partners coming to Dubai will probably rise, which create long-lasting and beneficial partnership.