Park Hyatt New York Debuts

In September, the Park Hyatt New York will be launched.

It takes a lot of time to construct and open a new luxury hotel in Manhattan and this a great event. In 2003, the last mega- launch of New York was Mandarin Oriental.

After eleven year of recession, the Big Apple has mad the advertisement, with the price of $ 244 million, the Park Hyatt New York has had the first guests. In fact, this is not expecting as they want with their excellent hotel.

For beginners, this hotel is known as the word of “ luxury” which means all modern things in it. If such common things that you usually see in the hotel is a reception desk, bellboys or a grand piano in the lobby, you will not find them in this hotel. If Claridges is what you want, come to London.

The reception is so well which ensure quick check in for the guest. There is a convenience is that you can use iPad to implement the check- in.

The bedroom in this hotel is expensive and located in the east. Its wall is made by wood, the floor is pale brown and the bed linen is white). The feeling when staying in this room is comfortable (except for an orange armchair). However, one minus point of this room is that there is no wow factor.

Mostly because this hotel has 25 floors of the building‘s lower (the residential room is from 26 to 90 floors) – and a view is not a whole for Midtown. And in fact, some complaints are made the Part Hyatt due to not taking a photography of 300- meter tower as promise.

However you can image that being a princess. From your room, you can see the Russian Tea Room and Carnegie Hall and it takes 2 minutes to go Fifth Avenue, Central Park and Woody Allen’s favorite bagel shop, the Carnegie Deli. The most impressed in this room is the toiletries because it has smell of NoLiTA perfumeries Le Labo, the bath is so big.

To be more experienced in this hotel is the buzzy, the bar with high ceiling and the lounge “living room”. The theme here is brown/ beige/ white however the feeling is cheerier with huge windows, friendly staff and elegant flower.

You will have a large of option when coming the “back room” restaurant. The wine and champagne list is various which have 350 bottles for your choice (mainly American). The chef Sebastian Archambault who spent 10 years in the Park Hyatt Washington DC will serve you with his steak. Sitting under the slight light, you can crave a tad with more sun and enjoy your breakfast every morning.

The art is one remarkable. There are many giant sculptures and paintings made by such famous names as Ellsworth Kelly and Sigmar Polke. The Park Hyatt New York also is the sponsor if you are so inclined, a private, tour of MoMa will be organized.

This is impressed thing used to distract guests from the fact that there is not a particularly cool part of town. The place where all the editors stay during Fashion Week is Bowery Hotel in SoHo is cool. Some 10 year restaurant is also cool. Jay Z and Bono in the West Village is cool. Some best rooftop bars are in the Meatpacking.

Generally, there is a feeling that Manhattan is trying to keep up with the kidz. Boroughs- Brooklyn is cool now. For traveler who is the first time staying here only just one day in Manhattan, and then take the rest the trip in Williamsburg.

The owner- Canny, investors and developers have moved quickly. There are 72 rooms Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, 64 room McCarran Hotel and Pool are book regularly. If you know Lena Dunham, blame her for the heaving night. If not, Brooklyn is Shore ditch with American accents.

The Park Hyatt has signs of not ought to try and complete. The biggest name came from the art world are Bill Rubrecht, chairman of Sotheby’s and Glenn Lowry, director of MoMA. During the New York Fashion Week, the Back Room was spotted but that is about it on the celebration front.

In fact, the planning of construction the Park Hyatt was 15 years ago however the city has changed in that time. Nowadays, the boroughs are scrubbing up, Manhattan has some stiff competition and Park Hyatt New York is too.


The price for Park Hyatt New York is from $795/£472* per room per night for two persons for Park King room. This price does not include the breakfast and VAT. For further information, do not hesitate to visit or call +1 646 774 1234 for help.

British Airways offers three nights at the 5* Park Hyatt New York, from £1,089 per person, travelling in January. Includes return flights from Heathrow. For reservations visit or call 0844 493 0758 for being supported.

Surely all five star hotels are the best choice, however Park Hyatt has some points that you can try enjoying if having a chance.