How multi- cloud computing brings

The followings are the expressive functions and features that the multi cloud services model get.

The tough application seems to be difficult to approach, however it is truly simple for multi- cloud computing. The enterprise choose it to distribute the assets, redundancies, software.

This definition is may be hard for some people in general but in particular it is the best way to keep your information confidential. Some Cloud hosting companies gives the promotion such as discounts when you choose to use all their services.

However, the model of using multiple cloud services to house your business’s functions and features has an impressive list of advantages that can provide security, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and more to increase your business’s efficiency and ensure it stays up and running 24 hours a day. 

There is a little risk in DD0S attacks.

What is DDoS? It is distributed denial of service. The attack of DDos is the result of computer server which attacks a server, network resource, website and cloud hosting company and cause the serve denial. Any individual can hack to attack a federal government. If your website has all data in one cloud, your website cannot only be down but also stay down. And the downtime is longer, the much money it takes equivalent to 100,000 $ as study by Rand Group. The statistic is taken from 98% enterprises.

Therefore, the best way is that your company should use multi- cloud, it will make your website power and against many attacks. What if one service is down, there still be another to load and recover.

Multi choice

Cloud-hosting Supply Company will provide with many types, shapes and size depending your choice, but hardly had provider supply a service which meet full your demand. Most company require a cloud hosting with the rapid of uploading, the size is enough for the demand. Forget it with so many criteria and chose other providers who provide the best choice suiting for each part of your business.


What is SPOFs? Why is it considered as the worst term for a web architect? It is a single point of failure. We can come back 1970s to see the obvious example of an SPOF about Empire’s Death Star. The reasons for SPOF happening maybe the failure in machine, or suffering from another attacks. Although the web architecture is careful in using redundancy to avoid SPOF incidents, the host is down without using multi clouds.


Enterprise can change every day that leading more cloud solutions. When your company develops, you need more cloud to serve. When some certain information already in you cloud is not in use, you can drag them to a local server. Through using many cloud hosting, you can mix them so as to suit for your demand.

Avoiding supplier access.

Supplier usually find ways to keep customer walking with them. You find a cloud supplier and give all your data in it to fit the cloud service. When you place the compatible in one cloud supplier, it will slow down your systems when movement. You must accept all business methods of supplier because you are being locked in it.

Minimize the cost

Each company has weak and with the growing technology, it will causes the war between the demand and the cost. Obviously that if you use a cloud, it will reduce the cost of hardware, servers. But when the cloud is down, the cost for fixing it is much and it will cause a big damage to your business. So, the best way is multi-cloud to standby for force majeure events.

Information management

The data is created with many sizes. Hence, instead of putting all your data in one cloud, you can divide it to take advantage of service with suitable function. Some data may be so big which cannot be processed but it is important for your sale. In this circumstance, you want to keep security. But if you want to upload, or process the over size, you must find a cloud provider to make strong your IT’s system.

Cloud power management

When you give your cloud service into management, you will not hire staff to provide addition functions. The cloud is managed, you can be served the best for security.

There are more and more organizations using multi-cloud. The reasons we have mentioned above. The best way to keep and protect your data as well as prevent data from lasting is possessing multi- cloud hosting.