Maldives – 2016 ITB Berlin partner?

It is officially announced that the theme of the ITB Berlin show in 2016 will probably the distinctive Maldivian life! This culture can be found not far from the host country, right in the Indian Ocean.

David Ruetz, who is currently the head of ITB Berlin confirmed that the contract between this tourism fair and Republic of Maldives will be signed at the following ITB Berlin event in March.

Maldives is fairly famous all over the world for being a wonderful tourism destination of international travelers. It will be an excellent platform of ITB Berlin to take the distinctive culture of Maldivian culture to attract travelers as well as social media from all over the world, not only in temporary period but also in long term.

The country of Maldives has commenced its tourism field in the year of 1972. Until now, it has become one of the most famous international tourist destination. There are approximately a million of travelers coming to this nation every year as they are attracted by the distinctive contemporary eco-tourism market.

Mention about this country, most people will think of its natural marine beauty as well as its diversified undersea life. Moreover, this tourist destination is warm and sunny all year round. The temperature always range from 28 to 31 degrees, which facilitate tourists to come to this paradise at any time in a year.

Maldives has once been the theme of ITB Berlin in 1984.

The representative of ITB Berlin was very pleased to know that Maldives would like to enhance its image at the show. This country will send out a significant message of tourism development in the global scale.

Not only will the Maldivian culture be in the show, but the Maldives nation itself will be the organizers of several activities in the show, such as opening ceremony or the new trade fair.