Do you know the most popular luxury hotel brand in the world ?

The new Four Seasons Lion Palace St. Petersburg is due to open in July. According to the World Luxury Hotel Index, the Four Seasons is the most sought after small/medium-sized luxury chain.

In this writing I will find the most popular luxury hotel in the world. Whether it is familiar with you or not. Following me and find the answer.

Have you ever heard the Hilton hotel? Is it the most popular?

Digital Luxury Group (DLG) is a partner with the chair of Luxury Hospitality of Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, said that the old company is the most high end brand, and the followings are Sheraton, Westin, Four Seasons and Hyatt.

According to DLG, the factor to decide the luxury index is information of 133 million online guest searches and the statistic on the demand of 70 luxury hotels.

Although the world economy is slowing down the global interest accommodations still stands 1, 5% growth over last year.

According to the statistic, United State remains as the biggest guest spending money for hospitality ( 66.3%),Russian plus points for the fastest growing (+12.8%), the next is British (+8,5%) and the last is Chinese (+3,3%)

While, Italia is fallen (-14.3%), Brazil (-12, 1%) and Japan (-11.1%).

About top searching on the luxury destination, New York stands in the top and London, Dubai, and Paris are cites which are the fastest growing on the searching list.

Which brands lead the posh pack?

For the posh pack criteria, three followings hotel are the most luxury brands that are Hilton, Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons. They meet the demand on luxury brand for the integrated chain, size, and upscale.

While the top three leading hotels are Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt and Starwood, Jumeirah is the most quickly growing company among the top 25 luxury hotel groups.

After searching, followings are the most luxury brand hotels:

1. Hilton

2. Sheraton

3. Westin

4. Four Seasons

5. Hyatt

6. Hyatt Regency

7. Ritz‐Carlton

8. Embassy Suites

9. Renaissance

10. InterContinental

11. Fairmont

12. JW Marriott

13. Sofitel

14. Grand Hyatt