The hottest new hotels in 2014

In this writing, you will find out some hottest hotels in 2014. From three above pictures, you can see the left is the Viña Vik Hotel in Millahue, Chile; the middle picture is the view from the roof at the Peninsula Paris hotel and the picture in the right is the proposed pool for the Indura Beach & Golf Resort in Tela Bay, Honduras.

Although the New Year has just begun, and the spring is not the tourism season, travelers are already finding the top new hotels in 2014. The hotel in this year promise to be sleeker with more stylish and more service than before ranging from Caribbean boutiques to five-star Parisian. One advice is you should not forget to bring your toothbrush together!

The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto

The first hotel I need to talk is Ritz Carlton Kyoto in Japan. The capital in Japan is big on palaces and temples these have not delivered since it comes to five star luxury. You will be impressed by Kamogawa river- the sport of Zen and the spa of ESPA. There are 134 rooms and suites which will be the largest ones in Kyoto. It will be opened in February.

Four Seasons Hotel Westcliff Johannesburg

The second hot hotel I must say is Four Seasons Hotel Westcliff Johannesburg.

Located in South Africa, the capital of trade and culture is seen as the scenic destinations such as oceanfront Cape Town or safari-packed Kruger National Park. This hotel is designed with Mediterranean style. Formerly this hotel was the property of Orient Express, it next to the Johannesburg Zoo. This hotel will open in the mid-year.

Viña Vik Millahue

The third destination I must tell is Viña Vik Millahue. Opening in April, Viña Vik is the first as well as the latest property in Chile. We must mention to Vik family who is the owner of trio stylish, a resort with architecture near Uruguay. The most exciting is in the hilltop of Viña Vik, there are a working winery and art installation. There are only 22 rooms here.

Indura Resort & Spa

The fourth hotel is Indura Beach & Gold Resort. It sparks the luxury right from the name and the image. This resort will be opened in the late February/ March 1st which has 60 suites Indura and the price is $133 million. Staying here, you can play golf with the “eco sensitive” managed by Troon with 18 holes and relax with a wellness spa.

El Blok

Plans for the El Blok hotel in Puerto Rico

The next hot destination is El Blok hotel in Puerto Rico. This hotel will be opened in the mid- year. In these days, El Blok is the newest event in the town. In the website, a several of construction pictures is posted. There are 22 rooms which are certified LEED. A pool with rooftop and something named a “light well”.

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

If most hotels are opened in the early of the summer, this hotel is open in the late summer. This place is also called a Holy Land. The WAJ with 10 floors have 223 rooms, two spas, a fitness center and a restaurant with Mediterranean style. You will find more details by joining the Facebook Fan page.

Metropolitan by COMO, Miami Beach

Como Hotel is famous for its pool. Opening in January, it has 74 rooms in what was the Traymore hotel. The art decoration is good looking. The hotel is minded well to its core, supplying the brand’s signature at the eighth floor.

W Bogota

W Hotel in Bogota is the next hottest hotel in the year of 2014. Located in Usaquen district, the new 168 room is built. A legend of El Dorado of Colombia is used, in the aspect of lighting, color and texture, the chef who plunged into Guatavita Lake took in charge. W perks is expected to be like a lobby with style of lounge and away spa. This hotel will be open in September 1st.

Park Hyatt New York

Park Hyatt New York is a familiar name and it once again stands in the top of hottest hote in the year of 2014. It opens in the posh fashion under the form of the Park Hyatt. Pritzker Prize is a person who designs it. From here, you can see the tower on West 57th street which is opposite to Carnegie Hall. The floor 20 in the elevator, the three space is the sport place with 65-foot-long indoor pool. It opens in the mid-year.

Peninsula Paris

Opening Aug. 1

The last hotel in the hottest one list in the year of 2014 is Peninsula Paris. The luxury Hong kong moves into the Light City will open this summer.
The first European property of the brand’s first is close but not too next to the Champs-Élysées – will have 200 rooms, there are 43 suites which are a rooftop terrace, pool and spa. It joins fellow Asian hoteliers Shangri-La and Mandarin Oriental in Paris.

Although this list is rather long, but it is all of my opinion, perhaps you will find they are not correct in all. Give me your contribution and comment to complete perfectly this aspect.