Eurostar has brought London closer to the southern part of France

Eurostar Corporation has operated a campaign with the purpose of promoting its all-year service in the region of Lyon and the southern part of France.

This railway corporation focuses on the leisure market. Most of its flights are set to popular cities in the south of this countries such as Lyon, Marseille, or Avignon. Sin May 1st, visitors can have convenient transportation from these cities to London and vice versa thanks to the newly established railway of Eurostar.

The campaign will take place from the second day of March. It will be available on public media and several public transportation in London such as metro or buses.

The UK campaign has been established by an agency in France, which called “Gabriel”. In order to promote for that campaign, four distinctive visuals in the southern part of France have been developed. These visuals are inspired by “Paris-Lyon-Marseille poster” in the 20s and 30s decade of twentieth century. This is also the time period that travelling by train developed the most in this country.

The images used in UK campaign has been well-selected to achieve its purpose, which is to enhance the positive impact of Eurostar in French market. All the images are designed by Blex Bolex. He is also the artist who sketched for “L’Imagier Des Gens” kids’ book. He has been awarded the price of Most Beautiful Book of 2008 at the Leipzig Book Fair for his valuable work.

About the newly established railway of Eurostar, its route is designed to initiate in the center of London or the city of Ashford to one out of three destinations: Lyon, Avignon or Marseille.

When organizing this campaign, Eurostar really hope to motivate UK tourists to participate in those wonderful trips. It does not only bring customers amazing landscapes of the destinations or the wonderful views on the way, but it also provides customers with great quality of railway service.

Lyon will be the hub of campaign’s activities in France. All of these activities are to promote London as a completely new railway destination.