Economic recovery drives profits at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Carlson Wagonlit Travel has enjoyed their prosper year of 2014 with the total business sales of up to $1.6 billion in US Dollar.

The sales volume also witnesses a 1.6 per cent of increase to approximately $27.3 billion in US Dollar. It means the company has stepped into its thriving period.

Not only the total amount of sales, but also the number of transaction also see a slightly rise of about 3.3 percent, reach the number of 62.3 million transactions in all year.

Especially, the number of transaction sharply increase in the region of Asia Pacific, with the approximate proportion of five percent, due to the expanded market in China as well as Japan. More than that, the region of North America witnesses a better growth rate in transaction, of 6.3 percent. The transaction growth rate in Latin America just lightly rose at the rate of 3.3 percent each year because of the average performance in Brazil – major market of Carlson Wagonlit Travel in this region.

On the contrary, Europe, the Middle East and Africa have the negative growth rate with about minus 0.8% due to the fragile economic development in 2014.

Mr. Douglas Anderson, who is currently the president of the travel corporation shared that the main reason why the corporation witnesses a highly positive growth rate in 2014 is because the company is concentrated in reducing the cost as well as improving technical supports for their clients.

In the previous year, the corporation has carried out its new form of management application, which allows clients to book for their own accommodation basing on the provided introduction. Moreover, Carlson Wagonlit Travel also create a team who will probably focus on close-knit partnerships with technological support so as to enhance to efficiency of products. This team will absolutely develop the company in the future.