Don Muang Airport

Beside Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Muang Airport is another way for abroad passengers to comfortably travel to Bangkok. It is easy to navigate in Don Muang Airport, but some few tips on fliers are maybe helpful.

At the time getting out of the airplane, you need to follow the signs for Immigrations, where moving walkways can be used. There is a booth for checking foreign passport, at which you should line up for stamping yours. After that, Baggage Claim is the second place you should get to. Upon reaching there, looking for the carousel showing your flight code. When getting your luggage, the next place you need to get to is called Customs. Now there is two options for you to choose: the green gate or the red gate. Take the red one if you have any trouble; otherwise, choose the green one. There will be a Customs form that you will be asked to fill in on the airplane. When going through the Arrivals Hall, hand that completed form to the staff.

Arrivals hall is also the place where you can find the information of tourism, booking a room at a hotel or even exchange some money. There is also a Taxi booth outside Arrivals Hall where you can easily call one to travel into the city of Bangkok. The fee is fixed for each destination and you need to make a payment before getting into this kind of vehicle. Another kind of transportation that can be possibly used is the Private bus of the airport. The bus route is designed to get to some main destination in Bangkok at a reasonable price – 70 baht. There will be some taxi drivers or tourist agent who try to solicit you, just ignore them!

There are the bus stops of bus airports as follows, which can be useful for those passengers who intend to use this kind of transportation.